You Think You Know Someone

. . You think you know someone. You’ve known them for years, you’ve shared secrets and laughter and tears.

You think you really know them. But do you? People are complex creatures, capable of hiding parts of themselves even from those closest to them.

Just when you think you have someone figured out, they can surprise you. It’s part of what makes life interesting, but it can also be frustrating. Trying to truly understand another person is a lifelong journey, and even then we may never really know everything about them.

. . We’ve all been there. We meet someone and we think we have them all figured out.

We’re confident that we know everything there is to know about them. And then, something happens that completely throws us for a loop. We realize that we didn’t know them nearly as well as we thought we did.

It’s easy to feel betrayed when this happens. We might even start questioning our own judgment. But the truth is, it’s just part of life.

People are complex creatures and it’s impossible to truly know everything about someone, no matter how close we think we are to them. So next time you think you know someone, take a step back and remember that they’re always capable of surprising you. It might just make your relationship with them even stronger in the long run.

You Think You Know Someone Lyrics

You Think You Know Someone Lyrics You think you know someone, But you don’t know them at all. They might seem like they’re perfect, But they’re really not that great.

They might say all the right things, But their actions always speak louder. If you really want to get to know someone, Just pay attention to what they do, Not what they say.

You Think You Know Someone


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But Do You Really

There’s a lot of talk these days about “doing what you love” and “following your passion.” It’s great advice, but it’s not always easy to put into practice. After all, many of us have bills to pay and mouths to feed.

We can’t all just quit our day jobs and start working on our dream projects. But that doesn’t mean we should give up on our dreams altogether. Even if we can’t quit our day jobs, we can still find ways to pursue our passions in our spare time.

And who knows? Maybe one day we’ll be able to turn those passions into full-time careers. So don’t let anyone tell you that you can’t do what you love.

If you’re passionate about something, go for it! You might just surprise yourself with what you’re capable of achieving.

Kyle Clark – Think You Know Someone (Lyric Video)


. . You think you know someone, but do you really? It’s easy to assume that we know everything about the people closest to us, but the truth is that everyone has secrets.

Even the person who seems to have it all together may be hiding something from you. So how well do you really know the people in your life?

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